Army Disposals

All your army disposals are right here in Queensland

Here at Centenary Disposals in Queensland, we always carry a huge stock of army disposals of all kinds. If the army used it, then it has to be good, and it’s a great way to purchase equipment at affordable prices. So, if you have an interest in military clothing or equipment, you should drop by and take a look at what we have on offer.

Apart from all the things you would normally expect to find in our army disposals section, we are sure to have some interesting items that you can’t purchase anywhere else. Whether you are just interested in military equipment such as bayonets or knives, or need things like ammo boxes and ammunition belts, we are sure to have just what you are looking for. 

Hunters and Skirmish enthusiasts will find camouflage outfits and accessories to suit their needs.

  • Camouflage clothing and accessories
  • Military clothing including boots, shirts, trousers and more
  • Ammo boxes
  • Bayonets
  • Hoochies
    • Canteens
    • Pouches
    • Camouflage nets
    • Ghillie suits
    • Assault vests
    • Stretchers

      For more information about our huge range of army disposals call 07 3376 7019

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